About Tropical Storm Net:

The Tropical Storm Network (TSN) is a public service program of Radio Relay International. It is designed to provide situational awareness reports, weather observations and other relevant data to emergency management agencies, state hydrologists, the National Weather Service and related agencies during significant, large-scale weather events, such as:

  • Hurricanes
  • Major Tropical Storms
  • Large-scale flooding events
  • Major winter storms affecting multiple states.

TSN operates independent of commercial telecommunications infrastructure. Unlike automated systems, our radio communications network is survivable, allowing it to remain in operation during severe events, which may render Internet based systems inoperative due to loss of connectivity or widespread power outages.  Volunteers can originate both weather observations and SITREP reports using a number of different communications modes via our proven High Frequency radio networks. FCC licensed radio amateurs are invited to learn more about Tropical Storm Network. Our program offers a level of standardization and professionalism not found in other programs.


Survivable Networks

Volunteer Observers